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SonAmy Hint List

Post  xxhearts on Fri Feb 19, 2010 1:51 pm

Figured I could post it here, at least. [:

S O N A M Y H I N T L I S T ~ x3

1. Strangely, Sonic is the fastest character in the series and yet Amy can catch up with him even when she`s carrying her hammer, no matter the size. This could be either Sonic is just going slow for her or she practiced running as fast as Sonic.

2. Amy's name might actually be referring to her nature as Sonic's love interest, since the name 'Amy' means 'love' and a rose is a common symbol of love.

3. A booklet of one of the Sonic games lists Amy as Sonic's "Secret love interest," another indication that he truly cares for her

4. In Sonic '06, she tells Silver that she would love Sonic even if he was the one who would destroy Silver's world, and mourns his temporary death more extensively than any of the other characters.

5. In the trials of Soleanna in Sonic's story, there is a test of love, in which Sonic can choose if his true love is Amy by running in the portal on the right or Princess Elise by running in the portal on the left.

--Notice how Amy’s on the RIGHT. Therefor, she’s the RIGHT choice... hehe. x3
--Note how Amy’s on the RIGHT. She’s his right hand XD

6. In Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, the player can engage in a romantic subplot between Sonic and Amy depending on their choices in conversations. If done right, it will lead to a scene in Chapter 10 before the attack against Ix, where Sonic admits that he cares about Amy.

7. In Sonic Unleashed he seemed very disappointed when Amy didn't recognize him as a Werehog, which made Sonic feel sad and rejected when Chip pointed it out.

8. In Sonic and the Black Knight's ending, there is a possibility that Sonic and Amy are really dating. Because of her line, "You just forgot about our date!" Sonic tries to reason out, but Amy doesn't listen and pulls out her hammer. This may be a point that they are starting a relationship.

9. In one magazine, it is revealed that Sonic does have feelings for Amy, but he's too shy to admit it.

10. Amy brings out Sonic's "softer" side.

11. Sonic is also known for his friendship with Miles “Tails” Prower and his ambiguous relationship with Amy Rose. 

Definition of Ambiguous- open to more then one interpretation; having a double meaning. Unclear or inexact because a choice between alternatives has not been made.

Considering we’ve been seeing the more anti-side of Sonamy from Sonic, does that mean that he’s warming up to her? There’s more then one side to his feelings?

12. In Team Sonic’s story in Sonic Heroes, in the last cutscene, when Sonic goes to run away from Amy he looks back and smiles first, waits a bit for her to catch up and runs away, clearly not at his full speed. She’s keeping up.

13. Episode 9 of Sonic X. Would Sonic really go through the trouble of putting that bracelet back together AND wearing it if he didn’t like her?

14. Episode 9. He jumped into the water to save her EVEN THOUGH both Chris and Tails were around to do so. Let’s not forget that he’s terrified of water.

15. In Sonic Unleashed, when he saves her from the group of monsters and lifts her back up and she gazes back at him he books it rather quickly. He’s afraid of letting her see him as a Werehog; he’s worried that she won’t feel the same way about him.

16. Sonic Adventure 1. They did get in Twinkle Park for free, didn’t they? Cute couples get in for free.

17. Sonic Adventure 1. If that girl is so “weird”, Sonic, then why did you go through all of that trouble to save her? And, when it came down to it, why did you trust that “weird” girl about Gamma?

18. Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. “Girls hate guys that rush them, Jet!” WELL, Sonic, I guess that explains EVERYTHING! No wonder why you blow Amy off so often. He’s trying to keep her interested AND he doesn’t want her to dislike him.

19. Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. ^^ Plus, it’s just the fact that he’s defending her against Jet. I love how he thinks that he’s her big protector.

20. Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. He holds out his arm to defend her when the Babylons come flying in. If he didn’t care about her, then why bother? She’s a big girl. She can take care of herself.

21. Sonic Unleashed. “I know girls who are better with hammers then you!...well, one, anyways...” He’s thinking about her. If she’s nothing to him, then why was he thinking about her?

22. In Sonic Unleashed, you can accept a date with her. It wouldn’t be an option if he hated her, would it? No.

23. Episode 52. Wonder why he went to Amy’s first, out of everyone...?

24. 52. AND he got her a RARE flower that means love at first site...?

25. 52. He smiles at her. He lets her finish her mini rant. He’s happy to see that she was so concerned about him. She really does love him.

26. 52. Again, the flower. The muted lines in Japanese. Well, she’s crying and smiling and hugging him. What do you THINK he said?

27. 52. And, just to prove the point even more, in the French version he actually tells her that he loves her. It isn’t muted.

28. The 3rd ending in Sonic X- The Shining Road. The lyrics explain how they’ll meet in secret, share their first kiss in private and find the shining road. And the only characters you ever see in the ending is Sonic and Amy. (For those of you who don’t know, that’s the tree scene where Amy looks all sad and then looks back and Sonic’s waiting for her. And they’re alone. Hint hint wink wink.)

29. Episode 54. She calls his name and smiles at him. He scratches the back of his head and smiles back at her. And then, in the back ground while Cosmo and Cream are talking, you can see that they’re still smiling at each other. Let me remind you that this is 2 episodes AFTER his confession. Maybe there is something going on...?

30. Amy’s name literally translates to “The Girlfriend of Nikki (Sonic)” in Japanese.

31. Yes, Sega keeps him running, but they also keep her following.

32. In Sonic and the Black Knight, he puts his arm around Nimue.... who looks exactly like Amy.

33. Sonic Heroes. “You’re not playing with that girl’s heart again, are you, Sonic?” -Knuckles.

34. The only reason Amy glomped Shadow AND Silver was because she thought they were Sonic... not because she loved them.

35. Episode 45 (I think). Well, he accepted a date in the first place, didn’t he? Regardless if he forgot and overbooked the day. He still said yes to a date. If he hated her, why the heck would he accept?

36. Pink and Blue. Boy and girl. Maybe this was done by accident, or maybe not. It makes sense.

37. Mario is to Sonic as Peach is to Amy, according to the Olympic games. Mario and Peach are obviously in love. Hint hint. Smile

38. Elise was only around for one game. Amy’s been there since practically the start. It’s obvious who Sega favors.

39. There are actually people who work at Sega who support Sonamy.

40. Sega said Sonic was never going to get married. Never said he wasn’t going to date anyone or fall in love.

41. There’s a reason why Sega still hasn’t added the Archie characters into the games. They’re not necessary. Sally isn’t needed in the games. Sonic has Amy.

42. Sonsal isn’t canon. Archie isn’t canon to the game universe! Sega Sonic (which is the REAL Sonic, because it came first and was created before the idea or Archie Sonic was even around. Archie Sonic is a spin-off) has never met anyone named Sally Acorn. Sally Acorn doesn’t exist in the Sega Sonic world. However, Amy Rose does. Unless the Archie characters are added to a Sonic Game (BESIDES Spinball, and that really doesn’t count) then Sonsal is not canon. Sally doesn’t EXIST. Get over it. And, for that matter, neither does Mina.

43. Sonic X IS canon. Though not part of the actual story line, Sega confirmed Sonic X. The way the characters are portrayed in Sonic X are the way they would act in games. Everything that happened in Sonic X COULD, technically, happen.

44. Shadamy? She hugs him once. She pesters Rouge to tell her where Shadow is because Amy is just naturally nosey. She was able to convince him to help stop the Ark from crashing because Amy was worried about Sonic. She’s not in love with Shadow. They’re barely ever spoken to each other, nonetheless.

45. Big whoop. Amy reminds Shadow of Maria. Sega said that Shadow and Maria had a brother-sister relationship.

46. When it came down to it, Amy still chose Sonic over Silver even though Silver told her that Sonic was going to be the downfall of the world. And she believed Sonic over Silver. Always.

47. When a boy teases a girl, it usually means that he likes her.

48. Episode 77. Amy clearly did NOT want Sonic to sacrifice himself for everyone.

49. Episode 77. That whole planet scene where Amy lunges into the planet for him...and he holds her and stares at her in awe. How can you NOT take that as a hint?!

50. Episode 76. Sonic doesn’t want her to get hurt. “Just don’t hurt Amy!” and then he throws her out of the way, over to Rouge and safety and gets plunged into the aquatic planet.

51. Why else does Eggman capture her as often as he does? He knows that Sonic cares about her. Cream would be an easier target.... but he still insists on capturing Amy instead.

52. Sonic Adventure 2. Eggman calls Amy Sonic’s girlfriend and he doesn’t deny it.

53. Sonic Adventure 2. “Amy... take care of yourself.” -Sonic, right before being plunged into space. Notice the trailing off at the beginning. Was he picking his words carefully? :3 Plus, his speech got softer. Eee! <3

54. Sonic Adventure 2 ending. He puts on a brave face for her when she walks over and asks him if he’s okay. Obviously, she’s worried about him. He’s sad about Shadow’s death but knows that he can’t let her know that... after all, he seams to think that the only reason she loves him is because he’s brave and heroic. :3

55. Sonic X- 77. Wicked cute scene when they both get shot back by Dark Oak. He grabs her and uses himself as a shield so that she doesn’t hit the ship with her back, he does.

56. Sonic Advance 3. When Sonic and Amy are on a team together they are called a Lovely Couple”.

57. Sonic Unleashed. 360 version. Chip asks Sonic if he likes anyone and Sonic doesn’t answer. Chip then proceeds to say “You do, don’t you, Sonic?” Major hint, considering he pulled a Spider Man earlier in the game.

58. Sonic Unleashed. He pulled a SPIDERMAN.

59. Sonic Unleashed. Clearly, he’s upset that Amy saw him that way and that she wasn’t able to recognize it was him. He’s ashamed. SAD. If he didn’t like her AT ALL, then why would this upset him? If he didn’t like her then he would be happy.

60. Episode 24. He grabs her just as they’re about to fall into the hay. But... if she was going to land in the hay in the first place, then why’d he grab her...? Because he likes to hold her... and he likes to feel needed. “You’re my hero~!” He enjoys the feeling that he gives him. She makes him feel important. xD

61. Episode 9. When he starts to walk off, he closes his eyes happily. Though he may not act it, he does seam to enjoy being around her.

62. Episode 9. He’s in AWE when she gives him the bracelet.

63. Episode 65. She’s rendered him speechless. He can’t even say anything when he sees her in that dress.

64. Sonic ’06. When you choose Amy in the trial of love she’s called his long time love interest. Long time. Maybe because she was the first girl introduced to the game series? Therefor, he’s liked her for a long, long time? ...or, just the fact that he likes her at all disproves all of those Anti-Sonamy brats.

65. Episode 77. The sparkly eyes. :3

66. Episode 54. He smiles at the sight of her.

67. Episode 9. Though probably NOT intentional, when she turns he’s holding her by her chest. But... then again, he IS a 15 year old boy. XDD

68. Sonic X. People think that because Shadow doesn’t react when Amy hugs him he likes her. Maybe he was just trying to figure out who the heck was hugging him? XD Let’s not forget that the only reason she was hugging him AT ALL was because she thought he was Sonic.

69. Sonic X. So Amy’s thinking about Shadow for a moment. She’s wondering who the heck the Sonic-impostor was and what he was doing here. It’s not like “Oooh, he’s so DREAMY~!”... like she is when she daydreams about Sonic.

70. Sonic X 77. They are saved from the watery planet with a bubble that came out of literally no where. What would have protected them from the water...? Think bracelet. He’s still wearing it. 8D

71. Sonic and the Black Knight. He’s got TWO chili dogs... AND a date with Amy. 8D

72. Sonic and the Black Knight. Winks at Nimue... who looks exactly like Amykins. (:

73. Episode 52. Amy stayed up all night running/worrying about him. That’s not fangirl admiration. That’s LOVE.

74. The shining road was also in Cosmo’s dramatic death scene. Tails and Cosmo definitely were in love. Implies Sonic and Amy are as well.

75. Follow Me. Team Rose’s theme is more Amy’s then Cream’s or Big’s. It displays Amy’s devotion and drive to help Sonic in anyway that she can.

76. My Sweet Passion. Though a little sketchy, it shows that Amy really does love him.

77. Sonic X episode 9. He didn’t tell her that it was him that saved her. Shy, perhaps? (: Proves the magazine’s claim.

78. The main boy character almost always gets with the main girl character. Amy’s that main girl. She’s the most prominent female in the Sonic series. 8D

79. Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. Toad calls Amy Sonic’s girlfriend. Funny how everybody assumes that. Do they know something that we don’t?

80. It’s pretty self explanatory that Sonic needs someone as energetic as he is. Amy’s got that energy. She does chase him around, doesn’t she? They have a object of common interest; the chase.

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