An old RP? YES.

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An old RP? YES.

Post  xxhearts on Fri Feb 19, 2010 2:02 pm

Remember this, Nell and Hannah? [:

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[14:56] guest-5140 changed nickname to inell
[14:56] xxhearts: Yo. 8D
[14:56] inell: Um... RP idea?
[14:56] xxhearts: *bloop*
[14:57] xxhearts: Didn't you just say Christmas Vacation? XD
[14:57] inell: Oh yah. XD
[14:57] inell: Um... so do you agree with it, then?
[14:57] xxhearts: Yup.
[14:57] xxhearts: I have no ideas, so.. xD
[14:57] inell: Okay. XD
[14:57] xxhearts: I love this song. :3
[14:57] inell: Me too. XD
[14:57] xxhearts: I wanna make a vid to it 8D
[14:57] inell: You should!
[14:57] inell: XD
[14:58] xxhearts: Like most other songs, but XDD
[14:58] guest-5177 entered the room
[14:58] xxhearts: YO 8D
[14:58] xxhearts: Crap, she's gotta put a name person.
[14:58] guest-5177 changed nickname to x3soumasan
[14:58] inell: I can't make Shadaze vids, if I could, I would get back into video making, but nothng else interests me that much.
[14:58] x3soumasan: ello
[14:58] xxhearts: Sorry. xD
[14:58] xxhearts: Even I can't make Shadaze vids very well.
[14:59] inell: Yeah... XD
[14:59] x3soumasan: ... I never tried Razz
[14:59] xxhearts: I tried. 8D
[14:59] inell: It would take WAY too much masking, and blah. dX
[14:59] x3soumasan: xD
[14:59] x3soumasan: Just wait for season 4
[14:59] x3soumasan: :3
[14:59] xxhearts: If there was a good song that fit them well enough i'd try again... and if Blaze had better scenes.
[14:59] inell: ...If only. -.-
[14:59] xxhearts: Season 4 x3
[14:59] x3soumasan: xD
[14:59] inell: Blaze's scenes are poop.
[14:59] xxhearts: I predict more pointless Sonamy xD-- Yeah, they are
[14:59] x3soumasan: More babylons in season 4!Razz
[15:00] xxhearts: ...gah xD
[15:00] xxhearts: ANYWAYS, RP. xD
[15:00] x3soumasan: I just want Wave Razz
[15:00] xxhearts: (Not it.)
[15:00] inell: RIGHT.
[15:00] x3soumasan: (NOTIT0
[15:00] inell: Blaze: *Unpacking stuff*
[15:00] x3soumasan: (>_>)
[15:00] xxhearts: (nice.)
[15:01] xxhearts: (Who's she sharing with?)
[15:01] inell: Sonic: *Running up and down the hallways*
[15:01] inell: (...shadow, then? XD)
[15:01] x3soumasan: Shadow: *looks at Blaze, putting his things down*
[15:01] xxhearts: Amy: *Jumping on her bed even though she's in a skirt?....Amy... xD*
[15:01] x3soumasan: (xD)
[15:01] xxhearts: (XD)
[15:02] x3soumasan: (xD)
[15:02] inell: Silver: *Sitting on his bed, in Amy's room*
[15:02] xxhearts: Sonia: *Shares a room with Shadow and Blaze Very Happy*
[15:02] inell: Blaze: No.
[15:02] xxhearts: Manic: *Sharing with Cosmo and Tails?*
[15:03] xxhearts: Manic: *Sharing one. xD*
[15:03] x3soumasan: Shadow: Go share with Manic.
[15:03] xxhearts: Manic: *Sharing with Knux and Rouge!*
[15:03] xxhearts: *Oh god*
[15:03] x3soumasan: (XD)
[15:03] x3soumasan: (My feet are still cold.)
[15:03] inell: Blaze: *Is done packing and sits on bed* (How many beds are there...?)
[15:04] xxhearts: Rouge: *Showering with the bathroom door wide open*
[15:04] x3soumasan: (Two?)
[15:04] xxhearts: Manic: *Staring at her :3*
[15:04] inell: Knux: *Doing chin-ups on the curtain rod* (NOT THE SHOWER ONE)
[15:04] xxhearts: Amy: *Turns on the stereo and dances around the room? XD*
[15:04] x3soumasan: Shadow: *plugs nintendo wii into the tv and starts to play Twilight Princess*
[15:04] inell: (Does Sonia REALLY share with them?)
[15:04] xxhearts: (Yes. xD_
[15:05] xxhearts: Sonia: *Has her headphones on*
[15:05] inell: Blaze: *Looks at Sonia* ...Ugh.
[15:05] inell: Knux: *Looks at Manic and glares at him*
[15:05] x3soumasan: Shadow: *glances at Blaze*
[15:06] xxhearts: Manic: *Sticks his tongue out at Knux* Sorry! You have a hot girlfriend!
[15:06] inell: Knux: She is NOT my girlfriend. > . >
[15:06] xxhearts: (Woah. xD)
[15:06] x3soumasan: (word.)
[15:06] inell: (Three minds think alike in this rom. XD)
[15:06] xxhearts: Manic: The don't glare at me. 8D
[15:06] x3soumasan: (xD)
[15:07] x3soumasan: (three is better then one Razz)
[15:07] xxhearts: (rom. *giggle*)
[15:07] inell: Knux: *Huffs and continues doing chin-eps*
[15:07] xxhearts: Sonia: *Dances to her iPod*
[15:07] inell: Blaze: *Looks at Shadow* Can I share a bed with you? It's either you or... *Looks at Sonia then back to Shadow* THAT.
[15:07] x3soumasan: Wave: *looks at Storm and Jet* I am not sharing with either of you!
[15:07] x3soumasan: Shadow: Sure, what ever.
[15:07] xxhearts: Amy: *Dancing & singing with Silver 8D*
[15:07] xxhearts: Jet: *Squawk*
[15:07] inell: Storm: *Petting his pet turtles head*
[15:08] xxhearts: Big: *Is too big so he got stuck in the hallway*
[15:08] xxhearts: Mina: *Waiting for Big to get unstuck so she can bother Sonic*
[15:08] x3soumasan: (xD)
[15:08] xxhearts: Big: *STUCK. xDDD*
[15:08] inell: Blaze: *Slides off the bed and heads towards the bathroom* I'm going to take a shower...
[15:08] xxhearts: Froggy: *Hops away*
[15:09] x3soumasan: Shadow: Kay.
[15:09] xxhearts: Big: FROGGYYY!!
[15:09] x3soumasan: God: *watching big* O__o
[15:09] xxhearts: Sally: *Waiting with Mina 8D*
[15:09] inell: Sonic: *Zips past Manic then bumps into Big and gets deflected down the hallway*
[15:09] x3soumasan: (xD)
[15:09] xxhearts: Amy: *Walks into the bathroom to see Elise and Chris making out in the bathtub* AHHHH!!!
[15:09] x3soumasan: (xDDDD)
[15:09] xxhearts: Big: Hehe! That tickled...
[15:10] xxhearts: Mina & Sally: -__
[15:10] inell: Sonic: *Smacks into Amy's door*
[15:10] inell: Silver: ...Why did I get stuck in the room with you and loverboy?
[15:10] xxhearts: Amy: YEEP! *Opens the door and Sonic falls in* Thank goodness your here! Chris and Elise are... *shudder*
[15:10] x3soumasan: Shadow: *trying to beat Zant* God ^&*^&(^(**)(&)^&!
[15:10] x3soumasan: God: What?
[15:11] inell: Sonic: O_X Chris and Elise are here!?
[15:11] xxhearts: Amy: In the bath tub. Making love. *~*
[15:11] inell: Sonic: *Twitch*
[15:11] inell: Silver: UGH. DX I don't want to share a room with you guys! I want my Blazey! DX
[15:11] xxhearts: Chris & Elise: *Makes out*
[15:11] xxhearts: Amy: *Giggles* But she's with Shadow...
[15:12] x3soumasan: Shadow: *swinging the wii mote around angrily* STUPID &*(&*(&*&(^&*&!
[15:12] inell: Silver: So?
[15:12] xxhearts: Amy: *Sighs* Never mind, Silver. *Turns around and starts jumping on the bed again, singing*
[15:13] x3soumasan: Shadow: *swings the wii mote and hits Sonia in the head*.... oops.. *goes back to playing*
[15:13] xxhearts: Sonia: *Barfs blood everywhere*
[15:13] inell: Silver: -.- =D *Gets up and starts jumping also*
[15:13] x3soumasan: Shadow: ROOM SERVICE!
[15:13] xxhearts: Mina: CAN'T GET IT!! KINDA STUCK!
[15:13] x3soumasan: Shadow: I'M TOO BUSY TRY- *gets killed by zant* WHAT THE ^&*^&(*!!!!
[15:13] xxhearts: Manic: *Bored of Rouge so barges into Shadow, Blaze and IT's room* Hi!!
[15:14] inell: Sonic: *Gets up off the floor and realizes there are only two beds* ._. Silver...?
[15:14] inell: Silver: NO! MAH BED!
[15:14] x3soumasan: Shadow: *On an angry rampage, smacks Manic with the wii mote and screams*
[15:14] xxhearts: Amy: *Giggles*
[15:14] xxhearts: Manic: OW! What the hell! *Touches his nose* I'm bleeding... *Walks into Sonic, Amy and Silver's room*
[15:14] inell: Sonic: B-But... *Looks at Amy, then at Silver, then back at Amy* UGH.
[15:15] x3soumasan: Shadow: Go to hell Manic! Go buuurrnnn in it!
[15:15] xxhearts: Amy: Guess we're together. :3 *Looks at Manic* Oh, you're bleeding! *Barges over to him with a tissue*
[15:15] inell: Blaze: *Walks out of the bathroom in a towel and grabs her clothes* Sorry. >//< *Goes back in the bathroom*
[15:15] x3soumasan: Shadow:.... *blinks*
[15:15] xxhearts: Manic: I got in a fight. *Puffs out his chest* I took him down, but I took a rough one in the kisser.
[15:15] inell: Sonic: And I'm not!? Look at my face! X_o
[15:16] x3soumasan: Shadow: DID NOT! *runs into the room* I HIT YOU AND YOU RAN OFF LIKE A BABY!
[15:16] xxhearts: Amy: *Looks at Sonic* I'll be with you in a minute! *Grabs Manic and sits him down on her and Sonic's bed*
[15:16] xxhearts: Manic: Can you kiss it better? :3 <Heh heh heh...>
[15:16] xxhearts: Amy:...SILVER!
[15:16] x3soumasan: Shadow: -__-;;
[15:16] inell: Sonic: B-But! You'r supposed to be my care taker! DX
[15:17] inell: Silver: Whut?
[15:17] xxhearts: Amy: *Points at Manic's nose* Kiss it better.
[15:17] inell: Silver: maybe I don't wanna! *Pouts*
[15:17] xxhearts: Amy: *Sighs dramatically* FINE. *Kisses Manic's nose better* Happy?
[15:17] x3soumasan: Shadow: *walks back into his room and looks at the blood coughing Sonia, throws her into Sonic, Amy, and Silver's roo

[15:17] inell: Sonic: NO!!
[15:18] xxhearts: Manic: ...No. My lips hurt too. *Puckers up*
[15:18] xxhearts: Sonia: *Barfing all over the place*
[15:18] inell: Sonic: *Chucks Sonia at Manic*
[15:18] xxhearts: Sonia: *Barfs all over Silver, while flying through the air*
[15:18] x3soumasan: Shadow:... <how long does it take Blaze to get dressed?>
[15:18] xxhearts: Manic: *Shoves Sonia out the window and then looks back at Amy innocently* Pwease?
[15:19] inell: Silver: AHH! Doesn't my life suck enough!? *Gets up to go and take a shower*
[15:19] inell: Sonic: *Growls*
[15:19] xxhearts: Amy: *Kisses her fingers and then puts them on his lips* There.
[15:19] x3soumasan: (nice.)
[15:19] xxhearts: Manic: NU! *Sobs* I hurt so bad~!!
[15:19] inell: Sonic: *Walks out of the room, slams the door and goes to do... something*
[15:19] inell: Blaze: *Comes out of the bathroom*
[15:20] xxhearts: Amy: *Sighs heavily*Ugh, fine. But don't tell anyone I kissed you. *Kisses him? idk.*
[15:20] xxhearts: Manic: *Grabs her and rolls over* Yay~!
[15:20] x3soumasan: Shadow:.... I didn't do anything with the random blood on the floor over there.... *turns off the wii and sits down
[15:20] xxhearts: Sonia: *Making red snow outside*
[15:21] inell: Blaze: ... > . >/// Erm... okay... *Sits down on what was Sonia's bed*
[15:21] xxhearts: Amy: Lemme go! I'll get mad! >_>
[15:21] inell: Silver: *Runs out of the shower naked* AHHH! I HAVE SOAP IN MY EYES!
[15:21] x3soumasan: Shadow: *lays down and reads a random book????*
[15:21] xxhearts: Amy: *Shrieks* I'm BLIND!
[15:21] xxhearts: Manic: There's a lady here! *Throws clothes at him*
[15:22] inell: Silver: *Uses the clothes to wipe the soap out of his eyes* Ah, thanks, Manic! *Walks into the hallway*
[15:22] xxhearts: Amy:....
[15:22] xxhearts: Manic: No problem! Very Happy *Snuggles with Amy*
[15:22] x3soumasan: Shadow: Whats with all the noise?
[15:22] inell: Blaze: ...I have no idea.
[15:22] x3soumasan: Shadow:.... >_>
[15:22] inell: Silver: *Wlatses into Shadow and Blaze's room* BLAZEY~!
[15:23] inell: Blaze: AH! *Covers her eyes* SIVER!
[15:23] x3soumasan: Shadow: WTF! GET OUT OF THE ROOM THIS INSTAINT! *stands up*
[15:23] xxhearts: Amy: *Struggles* We gotta go stop Silver!
[15:23] xxhearts: Manic: NO. This is "us" time! *Spoons her*
[15:23] inell: Silver: *As if he suddenly realizes he's not wearing any clothes* AHHH! *Covers himself*
[15:24] x3soumasan: Shadow:.__.;; Just get out.
[15:24] inell: Silver: *Swings around, mooning them in the process and runs back into Amy's room*
[15:24] xxhearts: Amy: *Shrieks*
[15:24] xxhearts: Manic: DUDE!
[15:24] x3soumasan: Shadow: Ugh.
[15:24] inell: Blaze: >///< Ugh.
[15:25] xxhearts: Manic: *Covers Amy's eyes*
[15:25] inell: Silver: *Runs into the bathroom and gets dressed*
[15:25] xxhearts: Manic: Better. :3 *Lowers his hands and kisses her shoulder? idk. Manic's a creeper XD*
[15:26] xxhearts: Amy: Don't. Touch. Me. >_>
[15:26] x3soumasan: God: For now on! There is going to be censors!
[15:26] xxhearts: Manic: *Slobbers all over her neck*
[15:26] xxhearts: Amy: Eeeeeew!! MANIC!!
[15:26] x3soumasan: God: Are YOU listening to me? I am GOD! I am ruler of this Planet!
[15:26] inell: Sonic: *Punching a random Manic plushie while eating a chili dog and reading US Weekly*
[15:27] xxhearts: Manic: *Licks up the drool?*
[15:27] x3soumasan: God: >__>
[15:27] xxhearts: Amy: GRAH! *Kicks and screams* I'll kill you!
[15:28] inell: Silver: *Is peeking on them in the bathroom*
[15:28] x3soumasan: God: I'm telling SANTA!
[15:28] xxhearts: Manic: Big talk, but no walk, little girl. :3 *Snuggles again* You'll like me soon. Very Happy
[15:28] inell: Blaze: I think I'm gonna go see what all of the yelling is about...
[15:28] x3soumasan: Shadow:... I wouldn't... *turns to look at her*
[15:28] xxhearts: Amy: Get your grimey hands off of me! I'll slice your throat open!!
[15:29] inell: Blaze: ...Why not...?
[15:29] x3soumasan: God: Manic the Hedgehog! I am banning you from this planet!
[15:29] inell: Knux: ROUGE ARE YOU DONE YET!? I need to scrub my pecks!
[15:29] xxhearts: Manic: Nope. I like you too much. *pulls her closer, if possible*
[15:29] x3soumasan: Shadow: Do you HEAR what is going on in there?
[15:29] xxhearts: Rouge: *Sauces out in her undies and bra* Yup.
[15:29] inell: Blaze: ...*Sits back down*
[15:30] x3soumasan: Shadow: <That's what I thought.>...
[15:30] inell: Knux: O.O *Falls off of the curtain*
[15:30] xxhearts: Rouge: *Sits down on the bed, crosses her legs and reads an adult romance novel*
[15:30] xxhearts: Amy: UGH!! *Bites his hand*
[15:31] xxhearts: Manic: D'aww! Love bites!
[15:31] xxhearts: Rouge: Nah.
[15:31] inell: Silver: UNWANTED TOUCHING!!!
[15:31] x3soumasan: (xD)
[15:31] xxhearts: Chris and Elise: *Disappear down the toliet*
[15:31] inell: Knux: < . < *Goes into the bathroom*
[15:31] inell: Blaze: Eh? Did you say something?
[15:31] xxhearts: Amy: I DON'T LOVE YOU!! *Thrashes around*
[15:31] x3soumasan: Shadow: Nope.
[15:31] xxhearts: Manic: Yes you dooooo~! Very Happy
[15:32] inell: Blaze: ...Oh... *Looks out the window boredly8
[15:32] inell: **
[15:32] x3soumasan: Shadow: So.. uh.. want to play SSBB?
[15:32] inell: Sonic: *Runs into the room with no shirt and slams the door behind him* AH! RABID FANGIRLS!
[15:32] xxhearts: Amy: o///o;;
[15:32] inell: Blaze: And SSBB would be what..?
[15:33] xxhearts: Manic: HEY! MY MOMENT!!
[15:33] x3soumasan: Shadow: Super Smash Bro's Brawl
[15:33] inell: Sonic: *Looks at Amy and Manic* ...EY!
[15:33] xxhearts: Amy: It's not what it looks like!!
[15:33] inell: Blaze: Oh... erm, I'd rather not...
[15:33] x3soumasan: Shadow: Are you sure?
[15:33] xxhearts: Manic: Sure it is. We're in looooove. *Snuggles*
[15:33] inell: Sonic: *Chucks the closest book shelf at them*
[15:34] x3soumasan: Shadow: *shrugs then starts to play*
[15:34] xxhearts: Amy: *Since AMY'S IN FRONT, she gets hit the hardest. Brilliant. XD* AHH!
[15:34] inell: Blaze: ... *Gets up and exits the room*
[15:34] xxhearts: Manic: MAN DOWN! X_X
[15:34] inell: Sonic: D<<
[15:35] xxhearts: Manic: *Rolls on top of her* Thanks for cushioning the fall, darling!
[15:35] xxhearts: Amy: Not your darling. >_>
[15:35] inell: Sonic: *Stomps over to them and grabs Manic by his shirt collor*
[15:35] xxhearts: Sonia: *Crawls in through Shadow's window*
[15:35] xxhearts: Manic: Eeeey! Pumme down!
[15:36] x3soumasan: Shadow: *stares at her*... Of &*^* it's the ghost of Sonia..
[15:36] inell: Sonic: *Shakes him* If you EVER lay a hand on her again I'll rip your face off!
[15:36] x3soumasan: *oh
[15:36] xxhearts: Manic: Meeeeeow. For someone that doesn't like her your awfully worked up, bro. 8D
[15:37] xxhearts: Sonia: I am the ghost of Christmas past~!!
[15:37] inell: Sonic: SHUT UP. *Drops him and sit down next to Amy*
[15:37] x3soumasan: Shadow:... *punches her out the window*
[15:37] xxhearts: Sonia: I'M BLASTING OFF AGAIN! *ping*
[15:37] xxhearts: Amy: *Coughs* Hi.
[15:37] inell: Sonic: What did he do to you!?
[15:37] xxhearts: Manic: *Rubs his buttox*
[15:38] xxhearts: Amy: He kissed my shoulder and slobbered all over my neck and then licked up my neck and touched my private square! DX
[15:38] xxhearts: Manic:...Yeah. Smile
[15:38] inell: Sonic: *Stomps on Manic's face*
[15:39] xxhearts: Manic: OWWW!!
[15:39] inell: Blaze: *Comes back into her and Shadow's room with an arm full of soda and snacks* Hungry?
[15:39] xxhearts: Sonia: *Watches them through the window* :3
[15:39] x3soumasan: Shadow: Yeah.
[15:40] xxhearts: Manic: Sore looser...
[15:40] inell: Blaze: *Plces the stuff on the floor in front of the TV and sits down*
[15:40] xxhearts: Amy: *Folds her arms and glares at Manic*
[15:40] x3soumasan: Shadow: *grabs soda and drinks a little and continues to play*
[15:40] inell: Sonic: I am NOT a sore loser. I'm a sore WINNER. *Hugs Amy and sticks his tongue out at Manic*
[15:41] xxhearts: Amy: ^///^ *Giggles*
[15:41] inell: Blaze: *Watchs him while hugging her knees to her chest*
[15:41] xxhearts: Manic: >_> Whatever, dude. Keep telling yourself that.
[15:41] x3soumasan: Shadow: You okay? *eats a few chips*
[15:41] inell: Sonic: *Kicks him again*
[15:41] inell: Blaze: *Nods slowly*
[15:41] xxhearts: Manic: Youch! Watch the merchaindise! Can't upset the ladies. :3
[15:41] x3soumasan: Shadow: Okaay... *eats a few more chips, takes a quick sip out of his soda and continues to play*
[15:42] inell: Knux: *Comes out of the bathroom naked screaming: "WHY IS TH SHOWER SQUIRTING OUT #$%!?
[15:42] inell: *THE
[15:42] xxhearts: Rouge: *Looks Knux up and down* Nice. :3
[15:43] inell: Knux: *Looks down at himself and grabs a towel, wiping the crap off of him
[15:43] inell: hen wrapping it around himself* Hahaha. > . >
[15:43] inell: I bet you did that just so I would come out here screaming.
[15:44] xxhearts: Rouge: Yup, pretty much~! *Continues reading her book* Just getting to the good part. They're drunk and alone. :3
[15:44] inell: Knux: What are you READING? *Grabs the book out of her hands and closes it so he can read the back cover*
[15:44] xxhearts: Rouge: HEY, you Knucklehead! You lost my spot!
[15:45] inell: Knux: Oh, poor Rouge, she can't enjoy her lemon scene. *Sowls*
[15:45] inell: *Scowls
[15:45] inell: Knux: UGH. That is so disgusting. *Chucks the book back at her*
[15:46] inell: Blaze: *Glances at Shadow nervously*
[15:46] x3soumasan: Shadow: *pauses and looks at Blaze* You seem nervous about something.
[15:46] xxhearts: Rouge: THANK YOU. *Continues reading her lemony book*
[15:46] xxhearts: Manic: *Pulls out the same book Rouge is reading and reads*
[15:47] x3soumasan: (>_>)
[15:47] xxhearts: (XDDD)
[15:47] xxhearts: Sonia: *Staring at them*
[15:47] inell: Knux: *Sits down on his bed and pulls out a book about excersize*
[15:47] xxhearts: Amy: *is NOT reading. XDD*
[15:47] inell: Sonic: *Is still hugging Amy*
[15:48] inell: Blaze: ...I don't know what you're talking about. > . >
[15:48] x3soumasan: Shadow: You seem nevous.
[15:48] inell: Blaze: *Bites her lip* ...
[15:48] xxhearts: Amy: *Snuggles into Sonic* :3
[15:48] inell: Sonic: I'm hungry.
[15:48] xxhearts: Manic: OOH! YEAH! Good part! *Nose in the book*
[15:48] x3soumasan: Shadow: Tell me, *eaps a chip* whats wrong?
[15:48] xxhearts: Amy: >___>
[15:48] inell: Blaze: Nothing I can't handle...
[15:49] x3soumasan: Shadow: What is it?
[15:49] xxhearts: Manic: YESSSSSS!!
[15:49] inell: Sonic: Whuuuuu
[15:49] inell: *t?
[15:49] xxhearts: Amy: Nothing. Nothing at all. *Folds her arms and pouts* <I see how it is. Food is more important then me.>
[15:49] inell: Blaze: *Sighs and stretches her arms above her head* I'm just worried about my mom...
[15:50] x3soumasan: Shadow: Why so?'
[15:50] inell: Blaze: Because she's home alone...
[15:50] x3soumasan: Shadow: Isn't there Regan?
[15:50] inell: Blaze: *Growls* So? > . >
[15:50] x3soumasan: Shadow: Then she isn't alone..
[15:51] inell: Blaze: < . < Ya know what, shut up.
[15:51] x3soumasan: Shadow: Fine, whatever. *continues to play brawl*
[15:51] inell: Sonic: Can you make me something to eat?
[15:51] xxhearts: Amy: With WHAT food? *Sniffs his breath* You JUST had a chillidog!!
[15:52] inell: Blaze: Hmph. *Gets up over to her stuff and pulls out her phone so she can text her mom*
[15:52] inell: Sonic: Well, they're best when you make 'em!
[15:52] x3soumasan: Shadow: *looks back at Blaze, shrugs and continues to play brawl*
[15:52] xxhearts: Amy: *Sighs* The things I do for you, buddy. *Walks into the kitchen thing*
[15:53] inell: Blaze: *Pales* Oh no.
[15:53] x3soumasan: Shadow: *pauses* what?
[15:53] inell: Sonic: *Hums to himself
[15:53] xxhearts: Sonia: *Sneaks into Sonic, Amy and Silver's room through the window and hangs mistletoe then chaos controls??? out*
[15:53] inell: Blaze: My mom is coming, bearing gifts... with her... husband. > . >
[15:53] x3soumasan: Shadow: Oh jeezum. >_>
[15:53] xxhearts: Sonia: *Ditto with Shadow and Blaze and... HER room xD*
/oper inell (sent)
/oper x3soumasan (sent)

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[15:55] inell: Blaze: *Sighs and slips the phone into her pants pockets* ...
[15:55] xxhearts: Manic: *Sitting on Amy's bed, reading the lemony book*
[15:55] x3soumasan: Shadow: Should we... preapre for Rena and Regan?
[15:55] inell: Blaze: No.
[15:56] x3soumasan: Shadow:... *picks up his mess*
[15:56] inell: Blaze: *Sits on the floor grumpily&
[15:56] inell: **
[15:56] x3soumasan: Shadow: Want some chocolate?
[15:56] inell: Sonic: AMYYYY~!
[15:56] inell: Blaze: > . > No.
[15:56] xxhearts: Amy: *Walks back in in an apron with the chilidog* What?!
[15:57] x3soumasan: Shadow: *shrugs, puts it on her nighttable and turns off the wii&
[15:57] x3soumasan: **
[15:57] inell: Sonic: Is it done!?
[15:57] xxhearts: Amy: I'm holding it in my hands, aren't I?
[15:58] inell: Sonic: Yes. Can I have it?
[15:58] inell: Blaze: ...If you really want to know...
[15:58] x3soumasan: Shadow: Hm?
[15:58] xxhearts: Amy: *Stuffs it in his mouth* Here you go, Romeo. *Sighs and throws the apron on the floor*
[15:58] inell: Sonic: *Chokes on it*
[15:59] xxhearts: Amy: Oh my gosh! *Gets behind him and preforms the himlick manuver*
[15:59] xxhearts: Manic: *Looks at them* Looks kinda.. like the scene in this book...?
[16:00] inell: Sonic: *Spits the chili dog out and it goes flying towards Manic and lands on his book*
[16:00] xxhearts: Manic: ...NOO!!!! You FOOL!
[16:00] inell: Blaze: ...*Sighs and scoots next to Shadow* They're getting married.
[16:00] x3soumasan: Shadow: They are?
[16:00] xxhearts: Amy: What book is this? *Grabs it from him* Oooh, I've read this!
[16:00] inell: Blaze: Yeah...
[16:00] xxhearts: Manic: You have?! Very Happy
[16:01] x3soumasan: Shadow: When did he prosose to here?
[16:01] xxhearts: Amy: Well, yeah... Grata doesn't have much options for quality reading at home, so...
[16:01] xxhearts: *Greta
[16:01] inell: Sonic: Greta....? > . > What is that book about?
[16:01] xxhearts: Manic: Sex. Lots and lots of it. Very Happy
[16:01] inell: Blaze: A few weeks ago.
[16:01] xxhearts: Amy: *Smacks him* Don't ruin the ending!
[16:02] inell: Sonic: *Eye-twicth*
[16:02] xxhearts: Manic: The ending? The first chapter!
[16:02] x3soumasan: Shadow: *nods* So... Are you worried or something??
[16:02] xxhearts: Amy: I was BORED and lonely! Don't blame me!
[16:02] inell: Blaze: I'm not worried... I'm just.. irritated.
[16:02] x3soumasan: Shadow: Why so?
[16:02] inell: Sonic: ... *Sits on his bed. Where'd Silver get off to anyhow?
[16:03] xxhearts: Amy: *Shrugs* I dunno... in the bathroom, maybe?
[16:03] xxhearts: Manic: Probably hobknocking.
[16:03] inell: Blaze: My dad passed away less than a year ago... I think she's rushing things...
[16:03] inell: Silver: I AM DOING NO SUCH THING! *From bathroom*
[16:03] xxhearts: Manic: *Snickers*
[16:03] x3soumasan: Shadow: Oh.. yeah, you told me about that.. about your father
[16:04] xxhearts: Amy: You're mean. *Sticks her tongue out at him and then struts off to the kitchen...thing*
[16:04] xxhearts: Manic: *Stares at her butt* :3 (*shot* XD)
[16:04] inell: Sonic: *Slaps Manic in the back of his head*
[16:04] xxhearts: Manic: OW! Well, what do you expect?!
[16:04] inell: Blaze: Mmm... *Glances at the ceiling*
[16:05] x3soumasan: Shadow: So.. do you think they make a ... good couple?
[16:05] xxhearts: (Yes.)
[16:05] x3soumasan: (xD)
[16:05] inell: Blaze: *Sowls* I never said they didn't... I just don't think she needs to suffer from anymore heartache...
[16:06] x3soumasan: Shadow: I see.
[16:06] inell: *Scowls
[16:06] xxhearts: Amy: *Walks back with.... GOGURT 8D*
[16:06] inell: Sonic: Oooh! I want some!
[16:06] xxhearts: Manic: *Looks at her and then at him* You're such children.
[16:06] xxhearts: Amy: *Giggles* This is the last one, sorry.
[16:06] inell: Blaze: Psh. Aren't you so compassionate.... Erk. Sorry. > . <
[16:07] x3soumasan: Shadow:...
[16:07] inell: Sonic: ...Awww.
[16:07] xxhearts: Manic: *Snickers* Ya gotta squeeze it to get the stuff to come out. XD
[16:07] inell: Blaze: *Looks at the floor*
[16:07] xxhearts: Amy: -_- *Squirts gogurt on his lap*
[16:08] inell: Manic: What the hell is WRONG with you?
[16:08] inell: *Sonic
[16:08] x3soumasan: Shadow:So...
[16:08] inell: Blaze: So, what?
[16:08] x3soumasan: Shadow:..
[16:09] xxhearts: Manic: AY! Watch it, girly! *Wipes it off of his pants* Do you realize what this looks like, chicky?
[16:09] inell: Blaze: *Looks at him confused* What?
[16:09] xxhearts: Amy: Yes. *Sticks her tongue out at him*
[16:09] x3soumasan: Shadow: Nothing..
[16:09] inell: Sonic: ...What does it look like?
[16:09] xxhearts: Manic: *Yanks his ear and whispers in it*
[16:09] inell: Blaze: *Stares at him* WHAT?
[16:10] x3soumasan: Shadow: Nothing, nothing that you would care about.. <But you really would..>
[16:10] inell: Sonic: EW!
[16:11] inell: Blaze: And what makes you think I wouldn't care? > . > Tell me.
[16:11] xxhearts: Manic: You wanted to know. *Stands up and takes his pants off and throws them at Amy* Wash these for me, would ya?
[16:11] xxhearts: Amy: *Shrieks* What the crap? Keep your clothes on! .////.
[16:12] inell: Sonic: DON'T TELL HER WHAT TO DO And put some pants on!
[16:12] x3soumasan: Shadow: I was thinking... (*gasp*)
[16:12] inell: Blaze: ...Go on...
[16:12] xxhearts: Manic: *Grins* Thanks, babe. *Continues reading while in his boxers xD*
[16:12] x3soumasan: Shadow: Maybe we...
[16:12] xxhearts: Amy: *Glares at him then waltzes into the bathroom and flushes his pants down the toliet*
[16:12] inell: Blaze: ... *Listening*
[16:12] x3soumasan: Shadow: should go out (Razz)\
[16:13] xxhearts: Manic:... that doesn't sound right.... >_>
[16:13] xxhearts: Amy: *Giggles* Hope you packed more pants. :3
[16:14] inell: Blaze: Eh? .///. W-Why? I mean Christmas in a few days, and I have a lot of shopping to do and-
[16:14] xxhearts: Manic:... nah. I'll keep them off. It pleases you. *Grins and continues reading*
[16:14] inell: *is in
[16:14] xxhearts: Amy: *Tempted to chuck a lamp at him*
[16:14] x3soumasan: Shadow: Like dating wise Blaze. >_>
[16:14] inell: Sonic: *Hucks a grying pan at Manic's head*
[16:14] xxhearts: (TBC later. xD)
[16:14] x3soumasan: (xD)

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